With the introduction of the Doritos Taco Loco Taco Bell has seen a nice increase in profits as of late.

So Taco Bell continues to be adventurous with the test of a new beverage that is currently available only on the west coast...for now.

Taco Bell recently introduced its newest breakfast item, a mimosa-esque cocktail of orange juice and Mountain Dew called MTN DEW A.M. I imagine it was created to please the eager niche of go-getters who think that pre-11 a.m. is too early for pure dose of Mountain Dew, but are content with cutting their caffeine-loaded beverage with a splash of nutritious O.J.

Ah, but only if Taco Bell would leave it at that. Most egregious of all, they're branding the beverage as "mixology," a word that's quickly become as ubiquitous and bastardized as "artisan" or "all-natural." To quote the great Iñigo Montoya, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." If this can be called mixology, clearly the time we spent making soda "suicides" in grade school is equivalent to a bartending academy.