So as we go from 100 degree days, to arctic blast, Southern Indiana has signaled that summer is over. So pack away the foam cooler and the sandals. Its time to stay indoors and enjoy the offerings of the NFL and whatever new crap the TV networks want us to watch. However this fall, I'm looking forward to the return of a few shows.




House is back this season with a major character missing from the show. Cuddy is gone. That relationship pretty much ended when House drove his car directly in to her home. This season picks up a year later, in which House has been serving time. Click on the headline for a video preview of next season. says that House will be returning to the hospital, and that viewers may see him as the man in charge. How can House not play by the rules, if he is the one creating them? I think my brain just exploded. The season premiere of House is October 3rd on Fox.




It started as a pilot that cost less than $200 to make. Always Sunny was picked up by the FX network after it won an internet contest. Probably the only thing from an internet contest that was actually good. We now can thank this show for Kitten Mittens and the term 'brown-out' (you know those nights where you don't exactly blackout). FX, as usual, is withholding any actual footage of the next season. So you'll have to wait for the premiere on September 15th on FX.





I almost hate the fact that I didn't get in to this show till three seasons in. But thanks to John Lithgow's portrayal as the 'Trinity Killer' and DVD box sets, I'm a full fledged Dexter fan. This season picks up after Dexter and Lumen (Julia Stiles) part ways. Early leaks about this season, say that Dexter is going up against a very serious adversary. Click on the headline for a preview of the season, and catch the show when it premieres on Showtime October 2nd. And if you haven't seen John Lithgow as the Trinity Killer, stop wasting my time. Go barrow someone's DVDs NOW!




Michael Scott is gone. After seven seasons, Steve Carrell left The Office to pursue his movie career. Hopefully more of the '40 Year Old Virgin' career, and not the 'Dan In Real Life' career. So that leaves an opening for the boss position on The Office, and so far everyone has been mum as to who has been selected. James Spader will be joining the show this season, however he is replacing Kathy Bate's character which was the CEO of the company. It will be interesting to see where the show will go now that Carrell is gone. The new season premieres September 22 on NBC. And speaking of major characters leaving a show...




So if I remember the last season of Two And A Half Men correctly, Charlie got a tiger blood transfusion, started winning, and moved in with two adult film stars. However don't expect One and Two Halves Stars to appear on CBS. Instead Charlie Sheen's character will be written off and replaced with Ashton Kutcher. Kutcher's character is an internet billionaire and its not known if he is related to the other 1 and a half men. Lets hope the replacement of Sheen doesn't make viewers forget the show, like Kutcher's replacement of Bruce Willis made us forget about the hotness of Demi Moore. The season premiere of Two And A Half Men will be September 19th on CBS.