The big game...the game whose name we shall not coming up soon. And although billions of people will watch it, we are not allowed to say its name. So to poke fun at that ridiculous rule, we are doing a "Soup or Bowl" Grab Bag Weekend.

We realize it's a bit cheesy, silly, and has been done before...but that's why we like it and that's why we're doing it again. So listen all weekend long for several chances to call in and win a prize package that includes a can of soup, a free game of bowling at Franklin Lanes, a new rock CD, and a 2013 Show Me's calendar.

Sandman will have your first chance to win on Friday evening, with more chances to win all weekend, wrapping up with Chelsea on Sunday afternoon. Just listen for the cue to call in and win, and then be caller #10 to 1-888-900-WGBF. Good luck!