I may not be a wildlife expert, but I think I know the difference between a dog and a ferret. Unfortunately, some people in Buenos Aires aren't to my intelligence level. 

Perhaps I know the difference from experience, my friend got a ferret back in high school. It had a rat like face and smelled like pure sewage. The ferret hated everyone and would proceed to hiss and bite if you tried to touch him.

Apparently the idiot at the pet shop who sold the ferret to my friend said the animal did a "happy dance". But that little spawn of Satan was never happy. And that's probably why he trapped himself behind some furniture and died.

It seems that two shoppers were duped in to buying some 'roided ferrets that they mistook as dogs. One man purchased what he thought were two toy poodles (facepalm) for $150. Another woman bought a ferret thinking it was a chihuahua (okay I'll give her that one, they look like rats).

But instead of being dogs, what the two shoppers bought were ferrets. These ferrets were apparently primped up, given steroids, and were found to be in the same family as the male cast members of Jersey Shore.

No word on what happened to the ferrets once the gig was up, but I'd like to imagine them screaming and biting people, while being escorted from a Planet Fitness for dropping the weights too many times.

(Video is in Spanish, but expand your horizons and learn a language. Or make up your own dialogue.)