In a recent post here on our website, we ran down some of the high profile movies to be released in 2013. 'Oldboy' is one of those. The original film was a South Korean product that came out in 2003. The plot is clever, twisted, quite disturbing and full of surprises. The violence in 'Oldboy' is limited to a few scenes of spectacular, visceral horror. Best of all, the violence is integral to the plot, so it's not just gore for the hell of it.  Here's the IMDB rundown of it.

The 2013 remake is directed by Spike Lee who knows a thing or two about making a great movie.

While we await the remake, here's the original trailer for 'Oldboy'. if you can find the movie on Netflix or at the video store, I recommend it, although it's not for the faint of heart.