Okay, add this to my 'are you freaking serious' file.

Bernie Madoff, the loser who conned people out of nearly $65 Billion dollars in the ultimate ponzi scheme, is now watching his former life being sold off from the confines of prison.

US Marshall's were hosting an online auction this weekend for all of Madoff's former belongings, in a cute-but-not-really-going-to-help plan to use proceeds to pay back victims.

Among some of the items sold were 14 pairs of boxers, which someone paid $200 for. Are you serious? Really?!? There is that type of money in boxers?

In that case, I have several pair that I can unload for a cool $30. A brother has to make his weekend drinking money somehow, am-i-rite?

Among other items sold, was a picture of a naked ass from Depression-era photographer Edward Weston which sold for $6400. The sale ended up netting $400,000 which is going for victim restitution, while Madoff rots in prison serving a 150 year sentence.

In my personal opinion, a better punishment would have him working for minimum wage at the drive thru at McDonalds to pay his victims back. But we have that whole 'cruel and unusual punishment' amendment in this country. Crap.