If you have ever had to wait for a check in the mail, you know applying the word 'quick' to anything dependent on the postal service is pure irony. And for that reason, it should come as no surprise that Qwikster is D.O.A. 

Qwikster was the futile attempt by Netflix to spin off it's DVD-by-mail service. This would have required users to visit Netflix for streaming only, and Qwikster to get physical DVDs. That also would have resulted in two separate accounts and charges on a credit card at the end of the month. This apparently had Netflix users up in arms.

However Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, has reversed that decision and decide to keep both services together. In a blog on the Netflix website, Hastings says "we are going to keep Netflix as one place to go for streaming and DVDs."

The price increases are here to stay though. For Netflix users using both streaming and DVDs, their prices have now doubled. Unfortunately some titles are only available on DVD. Although Starz ended its partnership with Netflix, Hastings says they are adding more titles from other providers all the time.

Perhaps they should look at improving their streaming offerings, which I currently subscribe to. The selection on there can be pretty poor at times. Maybe the company can take a hint from College Humor, and spin off their crappy offerings in to another service. Personally, I think S***flix could serve a bigger audience than Qwikster ever would.

And if you're thinking of ditching DVDs-by-mail, remember that Redbox is always a better option. Cause where in the hell can you find a video rental store anymore (that you don't already owe money to for late fees)?