Today on "Phone Topic Tuesday" sponsored by we're going to get in the Halloween spirit, as that macabre holiday looms oh-so-near!  Turn on your TV and you'll find scary movies popping up across the channel menu to get us in the mood for some trick or treating fun!   It seems that rock music and horror movies go hand in hand.  Just look at the evil and disturbing images on some favorite hard rock and metal albums of years past.   From Black Sabbath, to Iron Maiden to Dio...we rockers love the scary side of the imagination.   So, today's "Phone Topic Tuesday" subject is..."It's Almost Halloween! What's Your Favortie Scary Movie?".

Here's a cool list of groundbreaking horror films from our partner site.Screencrush.   Those are great suggestions, but I want to hear your opinion.  "What is Your Favorite Scary Movie?"  Call in after 2pm today to get on the air at 1-888-900-WGBF, or post your comment to Facebook.

Here's a couple of trailers from movies that scared the sh*t our of me when I first saw them!

Perhaps my all time favorite...

Still scary to this day...Love John Carpenter!

A Guilty Pleasure "Session 9"

And just plain sick and disturbing "Martyrs" (french w/subtitles)