I've been to many parties where the host had a huge screen Hi-def TV, and throughout the party fun, they kept it rockin' by showing DVD's of live concerts, or concert movies, perhaps the most notorious of which is Led Zeppelin's "The Song Remains The Same". The film seems to have something in common with the upcoming Metallica movie "Through The Never" in the fact that is has a subplot that is interwoven around the concert footage.

Metallica's "Through The Never" hits IMAX theaters in North America Friday 9/27, including Showplace Cinemas East. Next week, 103GBF will be giving away Metallica prize packs that include tickets to the movie, t-shirts, hats, posters and more. We'll have chances to win on air, an online next week, so don't miss out.

As a prelude to the Metallica Mayhem, today's "Phone Topic Tuesday" subject is all about your favorite concert movie or DVD. Post your comment, or call me between 2 and 5pm today at 1-888-900-WGBF!

Below is the original movie trailer for Led Zeppelin's "The Song Remains The Same" and below that the trailer for Metallica's "Through The Never".