If you were watching the Sunday Night Baseball game on ESPN last night, you probably knew the exact moment that the news about Osama Bin Laden went public. However the players on the field had no clue.

he news about the terrorist's demise spread, the crowd erupted in to a 'USA' chant. Most of the news being delivered by mobile devices and text messages from family. What's better than a patriotic chant by a booze fueled crowd? It pretty much sums up my 4th of July's.

Phillies Pitcher Cliff Lee, said the players on the field initially had no clue what worked the crowd up in a patriotic frenzy. Phillies ended up losing the game to the Mets, 2 to 1, in 14 innings.

In the world of wrestling. John Cena also announced Bin Laden's death during WWE Extreme Rules. The crowd erupted in to a frenzy. Cause its a wrestling crowd, that blood is red, white, and blue (I blame lead paint chips).