To the anger of hipsters across the nation, it seems that everyone is protesting these days. We are only a few hours from a Network, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more", moment. And Wall Street isn't the only place protesters have gathered.

Now the Muppets are Occupying Sesame Street. Apparently they are angry about many of the working conditions they deal with. For instance, that 99% of cookies are consumed by 1% of monsters. Surprisingly 'having to spend the day with a stranger's hand up your backside' was not on the list of grievances.

The Occupy Sesame Street movement has a Facebook page, and is trending on Twitter under the hashtag #occupysesamestreet. You can also see photos of various Muppets protesting on Tauntr.

Also showing support of the Occupy Wall Street movement is Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, which posted a notice on their website detailing their stance on the protests. No word yet if they are working on some sort of Protest Flavor. I think OccuPIE Walnut Street, 99% apple pie flavored ice cream with some walnuts and a dusting of gold (its like America in a pint), could put a tasty spin on political dissent.