Goodbye freedom of expression, hello crazy Arkansas Senate bill. A new Arkansas bill bans scarification and skin implants – two popular, non-traditional kinds of body art.  Above is a picture of me getting a microdermal piercing at Rockstar Tattoo in Washington, Indiana.  If I lived in Arkansas, this procedure soon could be illegal to perform.

The bill is now in front of the Arkansas House of Representatives.

Scarification is the process by which a person's skin is burned to form a tattoo without ink. Dermal implants is a kind of piercing that is anchored to your skin. Here's a couple of examples of my own dermal implants.

This is just more government intruding into our daily lives – even deeper, by telling you you can't decorate your skin as you so desire. Dermal implants are not actually dangerous. You know, tattooing was illegal in Indiana until the late 90s.

Not surprisingly, the bill has drawn the ire of opponents who believe the US government is once against overstepping its power.

Do you think attempting to ban scarification and dermal implants is wrong? Should we be able to make our own decisions about our own bodies?

This can only leave me asking, what's next?