Evansville Police want to warn residents about a new twist to an old scam that has been going around recently.  It's a variation of the old "lottery scam" where the con man calls up his victim and tells them they won the lottery or a brand new car. In the past, victims were directed to wire money to pay all fees and taxes before the lottery officials could release the prize money. EPD said Western Union is aware of this scam and has stopped several people from being swindled. It hasn't stopped the con artists though. Detectives said these criminals have adapted. They said the con artists now use cell phones to call and congratulate their victims. We're told they get personal information (a birth date, home address, ect.) about their victim from the Internet and use it to lure them into the scam.   EPD said the victim is talked into getting a "green dot card" from CVS. This card is like a debit card, and once the criminal gets the number, they can steal the money. Detectives said some con artists have been so bold as to send a taxi cab to their victim's home to take them to the nearest CVS.   Police want to remind you that any money won in a lottery or by other means does not cost the winner anything up front.   Older folks seem to be the targets of such scams, so please make sure your parents, granparents and other people close to you in the target demographic know about this scam.