OK...you got me...I'm sold! This is shaping up to be one of my most anticipated films of this young new year. If you weren't interested in the remake of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead before, you will be after watching this trailer. Hell to the yeah!!!

If you've seen any of the previous Evil Dead movies, you know that they are a bit cheesy (perhaps that's an understatement), but that's what made them so awesome. Well this new version looks like it is leaving the cheese behind and is headed straight into terror town. Wow does this thing look awesome! Lots of blood, lots of gore, lots of violence, and lots of wince-inducing moments. What else do you need from a great horror flick?

And one of the things I think I like the most about the new Evil Dead is the fact that I don't know any of the actors...they are a bunch of relative unknowns. To me that's cool. Sometimes it's a little tougher to imagine some big name actor doing certain things in movies.

So you've been warned. This is a red-band trailer, not intended for viewers of all ages. So enjoy!