I think many counted Saliva down and out after vocalist Josey Scott left the band to become a gospel singer (!?!?), but the band knew there was life after Josey, they just needed someone to pick up the mic and sing.  So, they hired a fella named Bobby Amaru to do the job.  Apparently the change has been a success because the buzz about Saliva's next album is growing.  Tonight at 8pm on 103GBF, I will have as a guest Bobby Amaru who talks about "Rise Up", Saliva's forthcoming record and what it's been like replacing an original lead singer of a successful band.   Below, I have a portion of my interview with Bobby, and I invite you to tune in "Loudwire Reloaded" Tonight at 8 to hear the entire chat.
The ‘Rise Up’ album is currently on schedule for an April 29 release through Rum Bum Records, and the band is ready to hit the road for what promises to be a rocking album cycle. The itinerary is starting to fill up, with a trek that launches Feb. 28 in Daytona Beach, Fla. and shows currently spanning into early May

Below the interview button is the new song you'll hear on the show, "Rise Up"

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