Rockers need no introduction to Vinnie Paul. He was the drummer of the legendary metal band ‘Pantera’, which featured his late brother Dimebag Darell on guitar. Vinnie is a founding member and current drummer for the band ‘Hellyeah’.

I recently got to talk on the phone with Vinne about the new Hellyeah album "Band Of Brothers" which come out on July 17th, their tour, and what actually made him climb back onto the horse and get back into a band after his brother's death.

This is a raw version of the interview (without edits), and the shorter, edited version will appear on the July 7th edition of 'Loudwire Radio', which airs every Saturday night at 8 here on 103GBF!

I was intimidated at the thought of talking to Vinnie, but he is exceptionally nice and very professional. I enjoyed our chat. Now you can too along with the band's new video for "Band Of Brothers"!