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Meanwhile, here are some Motley Facts and Fotos.

Vince Neil (Wharton) (vocals)

Tommy Lee (Bass) (drums)

Mick Mars (Bob Deal) (guitar)

Nikki Sixx (Frank Ferranna) (bass)

Vince Neil and Tommy Lee used to hate each other. Neil likes to remind him that he had Pamela Anderson first.

Nikki Sixx married Playboy playmate Donna D'Errico one month after divorcing Brandy Brandt, who was also a playmate.

Sixx has 4 kids: Gunner, Decker, and Storm with Brandi Brandt and Frankie Jean with Donna D'Errico.

Tommy Lee was married for one month to a woman named Elaine Irwin Bergen, who is not the model who married John Mellencamp. Lee went on to marry Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson.

Their concerts are extremely loud. After one show, a fan sued the band after suffering hearing loss. The case was thrown out in 1997 when the judge ruled that the fan knew the show would be loud.

Nikki Sixx was pronounced clinically dead after a drug overdose in 1987. He did more drugs the next day, but over the next few years, he and the other members went sober.

In 1995, Neil's 5-year-old daughter Skylar died from stomach cancer.

Tommy Lee had a Jagermeister tap installed in the bar in his house as well as a Starbucks coffee machine. They were put in by the companies themselves.V

ince Neil married playboy playmate Heidi Mark in 2000. They divorced 15 months later.

The group was originally going to be named Christmas.

Neil was charged with vehicular manslaughter after an accident that left a member of Hanoi Rocks dead.

The band had been up for several days partying, and Vince was headed to the beer store.

The drug addiction in the group was so bad that at one point, the band was actually mainlining tequila while on tour. Tommy Lee made the comment that normal people would have drank the tequila, not shot it into their veins.

During a birthday party for his son, a young boy drowned in the pool of Tommy Lee's L.A. home. The parents of the child were not there at the time, and attempted to sue Lee for neglect.

Lead singer Vince Neil starred in a reality show on the WB in 2003 called The Surreal Life. Other former celebrities on the show were MC Hammer, Corey Feldman, Emanuel Lewis, and the girl who played Andrea on Beverly Hills 90210.

Motley Crue reunited in 2004. The tour name was Red, White & Crue. They performed live together on The Larry King Show, and made news when they played Jay Leno's show live on New Year's Eve - Vince Neil said to Tommy Lee, "Happy f--king New Year!"

IN 2006, they were honored with the 2,301st Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Nikki was seven years old when he first smoked pot. He was with his mother at the time.

Nikki's father died on Christmas day, when he was in the shower and had a heart attack.

Tommy Lee's first tattoo was Mighty Mouse crashing through a bass drum set. "If it wasn't for Nikki," Tommy said, "I wouldn't have any tattoos." This tattoo is located on his right shoulder.

The band's first gig was at the famous Los Angeles club "Whisky A Go Go.

When Vince Neil was a teenager, he would go to skating rinks and compete in lip-syncing contests and would win every time. Vince and his buddies would go out of town to go to these competitions and Vince slowly realized that he was actually singing the songs - and singing them well. That is what gave him an interest in music.

When Mick Mars was prescribed medicine for his back pain, he started to hallucinate. His doctor told him that it would soon go away - but it didn't and Mick was soon seeing his footprints in a glowing orange color on the ground and also ghosts. Mick decided to quit taking the medication.

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