Here at 103GBF we're thrilled to have the one and only Full Metal Jackie hosting our brand new night time show :"Loudwire Nights".  But who is this person behind the mic that delivers a dose of decibels not only nightly, but on the weekends too with her own show "Full Metal Jackie" that airs Saturday's at 10pm.  She is known for her unique playlists and detailed interviews with legendary rock artists, She is also known for being the Black carpet correspondent at Revolver's Golden Gods awards and hosted MTV2's Headbangers Ball.

Jackie has also recently written a book about the top 50 most influential songs in heavy metal and their true meanings... In 2011 she also released a merchandise and clothing line.

Full Metal Jackie

Jackie began her career hosting a radio show at Seton Hall's Pirate Radio, WSOU. Shortly after graduation, she took her career to WHTG (Neptune, NJ) and WDHA-FM (Dover, New Jersey) as a radio personality. In 2001, she had moved to Los Angeles and joined the staff of The Firm, an artist and talent management company. At The Firm she advanced to Radio Promotions Director, where she worked with numerous metal bands such as Korn, Otep, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Staind, Audioslave, and Static-X.  Also during this time, Jackie discovered the band Five Finger Death Punch and helped to launch their careers.
Soon after a brief stay in KBZT, San Diego; and at KNAC, LA; she began to host and produce her own heavy metal radio show, CHAOS on Indie 103.1. Full Metal Jackie is now syndicated on over 75 stations nationwide.

Just over a week ago, Jackie took on a new venture, "Loudwire Nights" which airs on these stations, including 103GBF weeknights from 7 until midnight.

Tune in, check her out...send her a tweet at @FullMetalJackie #loudwirenights and let her know you're listening!