I don't know what the heck has come over certain tri-state residents lately, but criminal activity combined with complete idiocy has been running rampant - Must be the heat!

Here's a completely lude and bizarre story about a Newburgh man who had confessed to police that he followed young girls around Chandler in his car while masturbating. 14 News now reports that same man is free after posting $2,500 bond today.

Jonathan Grimes was taken into police custody after a witness was able to give police the license plate number of the suspected car.

After locating Grimes, Chandler Police and deputies from the Warrick County Sheriff’s department were able to get the suspect to agree to taking a “voice stress test” at the police department. It was during the test Grimes apparently admitted to what he was doing which included not only following the young girls, but also pleasuring himself in the process.

The 14 News report states there are at least two instances in which the events took place. The first on June 6th, the other on July 12th. Victims in both cases identified the driver as the same man.

[Editors Note] While no description of the vehicle was given in the 14 News report, if you live in Warrick County, or any county in the tri-state for that matter, keep your eyes open for this man and be sure to report any suspicious activity to police immediately.