Aside from the owners and employees of El Charro, there weren't too many people more excited than me that the authentic Mexican restaurant at 720 N. Sonntag Avenue on the west side is back open for business. And the place looks better than ever! This weekend is a perfect chance to come out and celebrate Cinco De Mayo with El Charro.

An electrical fire last October forced El Charro to close temporarily to fix the extensive damage. They reopened back in January, and if you've been there, you know it looks great. The remodeled restaurant is brighter and more open and is able to seat about 20 more people than before.

Sandman and I will be broadcasting live from El Charro this Friday and Saturday during their Cinco De Mayo celebration. I will be there from 4p-6p on Friday...and Sandman will be there from 11a-1p on Saturday.

Come get some of the best authentic Mexican food in Evansville...and maybe even a new 103GBF 25th anniversary t-shirt.