Looking for a job but your resume isn't looking too good? Many others in the same boat have turned to professional liars for help. 

Paladin Deception Service ran by Timothy Green, a former private detective, is offering professional "liar services" in Forest Lake, Minnesota. For just $54 a month you can have someone on stand by ready to lie for you.

Calling in sick to work but really you're going fishing? They got you covered. Are you worried about what happened in Vegas not staying in Vegas? They got you there too. But a majority of those who use Paladin Deception Service are job seekers who are needing to pad a resume.

This is a service for someone like George Costanza, who needed a fake company so his unemployment benefits would continue. But since we all don't live in a Seinfeld episode (no matter how much I think I do), Paladin's services are available to those who may need an extra boost to get a job.

60% of Paladin's customers have used to service to "correct" their job history and to receive glowing recommendations from "former employers". In case you were ever wondering how that jerk ever got hired, maybe he had a professional liar to help.

Paladin employs around 5 full time actors, found on Craigslist, that make phone calls for clients. They speak Spanish or can switch on a strong Southern accent.

So when you run out of friends to use as "former bosses" on your next application. Considering the CEOs who have been booted for padding their resume, you may not be alone.