This past Saturday night, Kathleen Goffinet became the latest victim in an unfortunate string of murders. She was stabbed by her husband, in front of their child, and died in the hospital shortly thereafter.

For those of us who knew her back in school, she was Katie Jones. I met her back in middle school and graduated in the same class. We were cast mates in several school theater productions and teammates on our school's Speech team. Aside from that we were from the same group of friends. So it made this news a little difficult to understand.

Having known someone that long, it is really unfortunate to read the news coverage about this event and not even get to see a picture of her. Instead we have to look at the face of the scumbag who murdered her.

So I did this post to help people understand who Katie was. Unfortunately the last time I remember seeing Katie was back in 2007, we both were part of a friend's wedding. I had heard her life had taken a very difficult turn before I got the news of her death.

However, I wanted to take this post to show people what Katie was like back in high school. She always reminded me of Kimmy Gibbler (from Full House), and earned the nickname 'Spaz' that the Speech team gave her. She was energetic and always had a positive outlook on the world. She didn't even have to try to be funny, and could have a whole room laughing. She didn't like blood, she didn't like war. Its really hard to understand how a peaceful person could meet such a violent end.

I asked a few friends on Facebook (who were also classmates with Katie) to send me pictures so that people could see what Katie looked like. There are various pictures from high school below that show Katie as we knew her.

Perhaps the most unfortunate part of Katie's death is the two children she is leaving behind. A friend of Katie's has taken the time to set up an account at Old National Bank to collect donations for the children. You can go to any Old National branch and place a donation for Angel Goffinet and Michael Freeman.