Every Saturday night at 8 on 103GBF, I host a two hour rock show called "Loudwire Reloaded".  I feature lots of news from Loudwire.com, plus play breaking new songs, as well as iconic tracks an not the least of which I count down the "Loudwire Lucky 13", the Top 13 songs in the country.  I also have special guests. This week, Maria Brink of In This Moment is on the show as is comedian/author/actor/musician Jim Breuer.  You may know Jim from his years on "Saturday Night Live" where he was known for the character 'Goat Boy', or you may remember him in one of his more popular films "Half Baked" with Dave Chapelle.

Well, Jim has just released a crazy heavy metal Christmas song, which you can hear below along with a preview of my interview that will be on "Loudwire Reloaded".Saturday night at 8pm.  You can check out Jim's website here!

Here's our interview. One of my favorite quotes is where Jim says "I'm gonna put out what I wanna put out.  To me Metal is a warning...it's a warning...a vent.  This year I put out my vent, every parents vent!"  When you hear the song, you'll understand completely!

And Here's the song!