While spending time in Chicago, Conan O'Brien decided to call attention to one of the windy city's most infamous attractions...the Weiner's Circle. Jack McBrayer from 30 Rock took Triumph the Insult Comic Dog to visit this foul-mouthed hot dog stand.

Ya' see, the Weiner's Circle is not necessarily known for their cuisine...although I'm sure the dogs are pretty good. The Weiner's Circle is known for the way the employees insult and harass their customers. And the customers love it, and keep coming back for more.

So Conan wanted to see what happened when he sent nice-guy McBrayer to the Weiner's Circle. Well, they had a field day with Jack, and they let the insults fly...until his feelings were hurt so bad that he had to leave. But Jack wasn't done. He came back with reinforcements. He came back with Triumph! And Triumphed wasn't about to be out-insulted.