Lets face it, me and Jack Danie's have had a rocky relationship. There was the night in October when the Cards won the series  back in 2006, that I won't ever remember again. But even when I'm lacking class, I can count on the folks at Jack Daniels keeping it classy.

Patrick Wensink received a letter stating the company's concern over the cover of his book, Broken Piano for President. It seems the cover (below) had a striking resemblance to the label on every bottle of their main product.

Rather than getting a letter full of lawyer jargon, Wensink got a very personal appeal from the company. They explained that they were trying to protect their brand, much like an author tries to protect their own intellectual property.

Future copies of the book will have a different cover, according to Wensink. He says that makes the current copies available possible 'collector items'. That's some big thinking dude.

What's your favorite thing to mix Jack with? For me, I stick with the classic Coke.