Why or how today became "Middle Name Appreciation Day" is a topic for another blog. I'm gonna put the reasoning aside for the time being and just embrace the day. Here you can learn my middle name and hopefully share your's as well.

The middle name is an interesting thing isn't it? It may even be more important than the first name. There are certainly things to consider when coming up with a middle name. What does the name mean to you and your family - is there a history/significance to that name? How does the name flow when included with the first and last name? Don't laugh, I think about things like that. One thing I had to consider with my son was how the middle name affected his initials. We had to choose between ORG or OJG. I didn't want to take the chance of people calling him "OJ" (not the best name to be associated with), so we went with a different middle name. Please tell me I'm not the only that thinks about things like this.

Here I share with you my middle name and how it came to be. How 'bout you share your middle name as well in the comments below. Come on, show your appreciation!