I can't tell if this guy is a great video editor or a David Blaine-type magician - maybe he's a combination of both. Either way this is frustratingly awesome.

I am amazed by the things he's doing here, and at the same I am so mad that I can't figure it out. At first I just assumed it was really crafty video editing, so I watched it so closely to see if I could find the cuts. Doggone it if I couldn't see anything...so then I wondered if he is some sort of magician, or should I say illusionist. Maybe there aren't any cuts and he's just fooling us with slight of hand. At this point I just don't know - and for some reason I can't just sit back and enjoy his tricks - I have to over analyze everything.

Hopefully you don't have the same affliction/compulsion. Hopefully you can just take the next few minutes and be entertained by this fella.