We all have our own special traditions we do during certain holidays. Here are some of mine...


1.Lucky Charms for breakfast. (I've heard they're magically delicious.)


2. Green Day Playlist...occasionally sprinkled with Flogging Molly and the Dropkick Murphys...but mainly Green Day.



If you find your self thinking "Is this too much green?" The answer is NO. You can NEVER have too much green!

Green undies! Green shirt! Green nails! Green pants! Green socks! Green hair! Paint your face green! EVERYTHING IS GREEN.



4. Eat as much Irish and/or green food as possible. (Regret it tomorrow; enjoy it today.)

Side note: I think Thin Mints count as "green food"....I mean, the box IS green...




Do YOU have any St. Patrick's Day traditions?