Thank you to the great folks who operate Killer Skate Park & Shop! They are the ones that bring you the "Thursday 3 O'Clock Throwback"

Killer Skate Park & Shop has a contest coming up this weekend on Saturday that they want you to know about!

It kicks off at 2:00 PM. Intermediate & Advanced Classes. Berrics Rules. Bracket Style. FREE to play (w/ paid session). Be crowned the KING of the GLERRICS!

Game of SKATE at Killer Skate Park & Shop. FREE to enter with a paid session.

Killer Skate Park & Shop are located at 1315 N Cullen Ave in Evansville. Call 'em 812-402-2940

Also coming in June Killer Skate Park & Shop is having a skateboard camp. More details on all this stuff can be found here, and here