Heaven’s Basement is one of the newest bands you can hear on 103GBF. These guys from across the pond have actually been together since 2008, but are just now having some success here in the states. I have a feeling this new song "Fire, Fire" is gonna keep climbing the charts.

Heaven’s Basement has spent a good deal of time on the road, headlining shows as well as lending support to bands like Papa Roach, Bon Jovi and Theory of a Deadman. And after putting out a couple EP’s, they have finally released their first full-length album. It’s called Filthy Empire and the first release is the aforementioned "Fire, Fire".

I don’t know about you but, more times than not, I end up liking a song(s) even more once I see the video…especially if the band is “playing” the song. There is something about seeing the band in action that makes the song even more appealing. Please tell me I’m not alone in that way of thinking…please. Well that is certainly the case with this song and video. I thought this song was dope from the first time I heard it in Sandman’s office, and here I am thinking it’s a wee bit doper after seeing the video.

Check it out and let me/us know what you think.