I don't know if I could tell you the last time I have seen a more hilariously accurate video than this one. Pop quiz hot shot...you go to the bathroom at work, only to find that you've left your phone at your desk...what do you do? What do you do?

I'll be the first to admit that I am not a reader. I would much rather listen to a book on CD or watch a movie about a book. But for some reason, when I'm dropping a deuce, I have to have something to read. Heaven forbid I go 10 minutes without being entertained. So with no phone/device and no internet access, what do you do to pass the time? You'll find anything you can to read. Don't lie, you know you've done it too. Here at work I've grabbed new rolls of toiler paper and/or paper towels just so could read the wrapper. At home I have definitely read the labels on every bottle of shampoo and conditioner as well as tubes of toothpaste.

This guy takes it to the extreme, in the best and funniest way possible. Really well done from the folks at CollegeHumor.com. Enjoy...and wash your hands when you're done.