A wave of late night, blitzkrieg style burglaries appear to be sweeping across the Evansville area.

Last night, Evansville police say they were dispatched just after midnight to the 300 block of Missouri in response to reports of three men forcing their way into a couples house, pistol whipping them while they slept, and then robbing them.

According to police, the two victims were in bed sleeping when three men allegedly broke into the house, made their way to the couples’ bedroom, and demanded money. However, when the female attempted to wake her sleeping husband, the culprits knocked her unconscious with a blunt object and then proceeded to violently pistol whip the male before making off with some jewelry and a cell phone.

Unfortunately, neither of the victims was able to give police an accurate description of the thugs because they say they were all wearing black hoodies and ski masks. Evansville Police are currently investigating the crime. In the meantime, Evansville residents are asked to be sure all their doors and windows are locked before going to bed.

Several of these types of attacks have been reported in the Evansville area in recent months. Yet, the incidents do not appear to be related.