Now for something completely different. Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder will release a new album consisting entirely of tunes played on the ukelele later this year, music blogs report, and the first song is out today.

It's a fresh recording of Vedder's "Longing To Belong," which the singer has played at solo shows throughout the last couple of years. Listen to the new recording after the jump.

Music blog Antiquiet reports the new album will be called “Uke Songs.” The new recordings follow the spare folk songs of Vedder’s Into the Wild soundtrack into a new direction for the hard-rocking Pearl Jam frontman.

I'm not entirely sold on this. The Into the Wild soundtrack wasn't too bad but to me that should be it; Vedder does one thing well and that is fronting Pearl Jam. I'm all for them (Pearl Jam) experimenting live with cover songs and in the studio with different song styles as long as there are no ukeleles. -1 Mr. Vedder, -1.