Well it looks like I'm done with cigarettes for a minute. After watching this disgusting stunt, pulled by some dude, in 'celebration' of New York City's smoking ban.

Stunt man, Richie Magic set a world record that no one was rushing to set. He managed to set the record for most cigarettes put out in his mouth. Gross. He managed to get 70 put out in 60 seconds.

Lunch coming back up yet? It gets worst.

“It feels horrible. My tongue is numb, but the tip is killing me,” Magic told AOL Weird News after setting the record. “I feel the skin peeling away.”

It should also be noted that his tongue turned black, and he is probably not going to be able to consume solid food for a few weeks.

Originally planned as a public event, the city ended that when they discovered that Magic is a smoker. I guess they talked to him on a telephone.

Sorry Camel, you're losing a few bucks this week.