Its one of the reasons I could never be a bartender, drunk people act like children (it explains why a lot of my former bar-tending friends are now teachers). And there is nothing like a toddler-esque meltdown to make you question the legality of assault.

No one has the handle the brunt of these meltdowns worse than the men and women in uniform. Angelo Bocchino was recently arrested in Florida for disorderly conduct in a nightclub. He was loaded in the back of a police cruiser and went nuts.

The camera in the cruiser recorded the entire incident. Along with spit, tears, a taser, and cries for mommy. We're sure this guy was proud to watch the clip the next day on the news.

This makes me hope the Drunk Bohemian Rhapsody guy gets picked up by the officers who had to deal with this bro-heim.