One Murdock FL resident ended up in jail after repeatedly calling 911. He was drunk, and upset, that a strip club denied entry to the friend he brought along. The reason, 'his friend' was a kitten. 

Everett Lages showed up at the Emerald City Strip club and apparently thought the club's policy was BYOP (I'll let you figure out what the P means). He and his furry buddy, I'm talking about the cat, were denied entry in to the strip club. The owner asked Lages to leave but he decided to call 911 instead.

When law enforcement arrived they noticed Lages was very intoxicated, and called a taxi to take him home. Lages then proceeded to call 911, while the deputies were present, to let them know he was not pleased with the situation.

Lages was then placed under arrest after a brief scuffle with police. He is charged with Misuse of the 911 System, Disorderly Intoxication, Trespassing after Warning and Resisting Arrest without Violence.

No word on the cat. In my mind, he had a wonderful time at the strip club, and spent the evening chasing nipple tassels.