Everyone has a vision of the stereotypical Thanksgiving get together...right? A big group of people that don't really want to be with each other. Awkward tension is present the entire time...and you hear the same arguments every year. Is that the case with you and your family?

I must admit, I've been pretty fortunate when it comes to my family getting togethers. Growing up, my family wasn't super big, and when we were able to get everyone together we all got along pretty well. If there were arguments, they were between the adults and we never saw them. And now as an adult I am part of a much bigger family (thanks to my wife's side). But still, considering all of the aunts, uncle, cousins, nephews and nieces we have, we can all get together and have a grand 'ol time. Yeah, I just said "grand 'ol time."

Well here we see Larry David describe his annual Thanksgiving experience. Now, I think Larry David is funny no matter what he's talking about, so maybe I'm a little biased, but this is great.