Dear City Council/Deaconess Health System/Nut Club/whoever the hell this needs to go to,

I got beef, and I don't want my Fall Festival next year to offer any option where I can have a lack there of.Since 1924 hundreds of thousands of people have flocked to our cities beloved Fall Festival? Why? I'll give you a hint. It's greasy, delicious, and there's about 100+ locations where you can get it the length of Franklin street.

The Fall Festival is not about "wise choices" when it comes to food. It's about that Whoa that looks so good I wanna eat it, but I'm so full, eh screw it" kind of  stigma that isn't specific to the people of Evansville, but the entire United States. Newsflash, America as a whole is obese, and even the non-fatties like to indulge every so often and then purge their bodies with 16 mile jog fests afterwards. What will adding healthy options to the menu do I ask you?

Will it perhaps draw a more diverse crowd? Doubtful as the same person who would turn up their nose at a delicious Pronto Pup would be the same to run screaming from the premises the minute they saw a Juggalo. Is it to convince others to make healthier decisions? Since when is the city deciding it's their job to play helicopter parent on our life decisions?

The truth is encouraging/forcing other booths to provide healthy options will not only take their minds off creating more junk for us to throw money at, but cost them a lot of money on the biggest fundraiser our city has to offer. East side, west side, sewers, stadium, tear it down, or build it up...people are divided on just about everything when it comes to our city. We all unify, however, under the greatness that Paul Harvey once said is second only to Mardi Gras. This isn't a project you are tampering with, this is an integral part of our cities tradition.

If you think it is such a good idea, fund your own booth and set up all the health you want. Leave me freedom with a side of corn fritters

Best of luck.,

Mick Nasty