Deaconess Hospital an Townsquare Media are teaming up for the 2013 Men's Health Series. This is something that should be of interest to all adult males, because the topics addressed in the series will be some almost all of us have to face, or will someday down the line. I know there are a few things on the list below that I myself deal with. I think knowing more about these life events is helpful, as knowledge is power, and with health, it's all about getting ahead of it as opposed to waiting until they happen.

Deaconess Men's Health Series

This lecture series gives a play-by-play look at different men’s health topics each month. Attendees will learn practical information and get a chance to win two Colt’s tickets at each lecture.  To register call 450-7000

All lectures take place at 6:00 p.m. with dinner and registration starting at 5:00 p.m.

2013 Season Schedule

March 12: How to Raise a Good Man

Learn about what issues your pre-teen will face as they grow.

April 2: Joint Replacement Program

Learn how to manage your knee or hip pain including what treatment options are right for you.

May 14: Diabetes

Manage your pre-diabetes and diabetes with nutrition tips,healthy recipes and more.

June 18: Sleep

Learn what you can do to achieve better, more sound sleep.

July 9: Heart and Stroke

Learn the warning signs of heart disease and stroke and what you can do to prevent health concerns in the future.

August 13: Weight Loss

Solutions & Take Shape for Life Learn more about what weight loss options are available.

September 10: Urology & PSA Screening

October 15: Pain Management