Sometimes I get heat for picking one Fourgasm answer over another because a word was left out or an answer was similar but not the exact one. However the prize for that is usually CDs, tickets, free food, etc... nothing like the $580,000 a couple lost due to the wording of a question. 

Andrew and Patricia Murray were on the (now cancelled) Fox Television show "Million Dollar Drop". Contestants started with a million dollars and tried to keep the money as they answered a series of questions.

However the Murray's alleged they were given a trick question that made them lose $580,000. The question was: “According to the Data Security Firm IMPERVA, what is the most common computer password?” The given answers were "password", "123456", and "iloveyou".

The couple selected "password", based on numerous studies and stories they had seen on the internet. However the show said that the correct answer was "123456" and they were eliminated from the show.

According to the complaint filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, IMPERVA found the most common password on was "123456". The website was never mentioned in the question.

The Murray's also said they signed a release that almost stripped them of any legal recourse against the network that aired the show. They said the contract stated that if the network decided not to air the show for any reason, they could withhold their earnings. It also prohibited them from discussing anything pertaining to the show with lawyers.

Sort of makes you think twice about participating on a game show, right?