You can tell its Chevelle from the very moment the guitar starts, and that's something of a signature for each of the band's tracks. Its latest single, 'Face To The Floor', is no different. 

The track comes from the band's latest album, Hats Off To The Bull. Chevelle Drummer Sam Loeffler told Loudwire that 'Face To The Floor' was actually inspired by recent events involving the economy.

The story that stood out the most to Loeffler, was the Bernie Madoff-Ponzi Scheme. “It’s amazing we live in a country where something like that can happen without anyone noticing.”

Sam Loeffler says lead singer Pete Loeffler wrote the lyrics to the song after watching a documentary about the Bernie Madoff and the huge scam he was able to pull.

Chevelle just wrapped up a fall/winter tour and has no tour dates lined up for 2012, yet.