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Courtney Love Says Some Crazy @$#%
After telling Vanity Fair about her drug use during pregnancy three years ago, Courtney Love is once again saying more crazy stuff to the magazine.
What’s On Full Metal Jackie Saturday Night?
Occasionally, when I"m out in public doing a live remote or appearance, I without fail have one person come up and ask me why we don't play (insert death meatal/hardcore band here). I tell then that indeed we do play that song that sounds like the guy singing uses battery acid for mout…
Celebrity Birthdays for September 30 – Fran Drescher and More
Here's a look at some notable birthdays being celebrated today:
Fran Drescher
Age: 55
Occupation: Actress
Known For: Her role as Fran Fine in the hit TV series, 'The Nanny,' appearing in films such as 'This Is Spinal Tap,' being a uterine cancer survivor, and having a voice that…
Chevelle’s New Album: Dropping Soon
Chevelle, you had me at 'The Red'. But left me hanging with 'Jars'. You're like that hot chick at the bar, who accepts your drinks but never comes over to talk. Why, Chevelle? I thought we had something here.
Chilean Dude Sings Just Like Eddie Vedder
Earlier today I was watching a video of this guy named Marc Martel, who can sing just like Queen's Freddie Mercury (It's definitely worth a watch). One of my co-workers immediately came over and told me to check out this other guy that can sing like Eddie Vedder.
Homegrown Rock: ‘Sideshow Romance’
There's a new band on the local scene that writes, records and performs original compositions. They are called Sideshow Romance. Members of the band came together via a love for music and met via a variety of gigs that each maintained in cover bands...

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