The Inside Joke Picks Winners for UFC Fight Night 42 [Video]
Alright fight fans, you're in for a another free treat this weekend as the UFC presents Fight Night 42 this Saturday night on Fox Sports 1. My buddy Ryan and I take another stab at predicting the winners.
While the monthly pay-per-views generally produce the "bigger" cards with the "bi…
My Predictions for UFC 173 [Videos]
The next big UFC event is Saturday night with UFC 173 on pay-per-view. So I reckon it's about time I foolishly predict who I think is gonna win. If nothing else, these are good for a laugh.
Bobby G. Predicts the Next UFC Event Winners [Video]
This should be a pretty sweet week for fans of MMA. The UFC is hosting two free events this week/weekend. The first event is Wednesday night and is the finale of the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter Nations. You wanna know who's gonna win?
Bobby and Jeff – UFC 171 Predictions [Video]
UFC 171 is happening on Saturday night on pay-per-view, and it looks like a pretty exciting card. My buddy (and a dude that knows a thing or two about MMA) Jeff Osborne and I are back to give you our predictions for a few of these fights.
Hook-N-Shoot MMA This Saturday at the Coliseum
The Hook-N-Shoot returns to the Coliseum in downtown Evansville this Saturday night for their biggest show of the year - in fact, it's the biggest show they've had in over 5 years. If you're a fan of MMA (mixed martial arts), you won't want to miss this show.
Bobby G’s Preview and Predictions for UFC 169 [Video]
UFC 169 is following in the footsteps of the one of the most exciting UFC pay-per-views ever (UFC 168) – but with two title fights and a couple heavyweight monsters on the card, the potential is definitely there. Keep reading (and watching) to see my breakdown of the top three fights on this c…
Hook-N-Shoot Year End Show This Saturday Night
The Hook-N-Shoot is one of the best values and one of the best times in town - and has been since 1995. What is Hook-N-Shoot? If I had to sum it up in one sentence I'd say it's an MMA event that showcases local and regional fighters.
UFC 167 – Bobby’s Preview and Predictions
On paper, this weekend’s UFC 167 pay-per-view looks like an amazing card – and I am definitely excited to see it – but history also suggests it could be a big letdown. Keep reading to see what I mean, and to get my preview and predictions.

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