Damn Loud Rock Show

103GBF Damn Loud Rock Show With Pop Evil at KC’s Timeout
The best way to burn off all your Thanksgiving turkey is with Pop Evil live at KC's Time Out!  This band has had a string of #1 songs on the weekly Loudwire Lucky 13 countdown on Loudwire Reloaded.  It all started with "100 in a 55", then tracks like "Boss's Daughter", "Deal…
Tonight’s 103GBF Damn Loud Rock Show! You Gotta Go!
The Ford Center will be rocking tonight with three great bands that seemed to have made an impression in everyone's life along the way, by bringing back memories of those good times.
Def Leppard; Still rockin' hard after 34 years. Amazing...
Nonpoint Releases New Album And Brings Their Show To Evansville
I think the one of the most memorable moments of Nonpoint for most people is their killer cover of Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight" (video Below) and their big radio hit "Bullet With A Name" (video below).
Nonpoint has just released a new album called The Poison R…

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