With the release of the latest Nickelback album, and that Metallica/Lou Reed disaster, it seems that 2011 couldn't end on a lower note when it comes to entertainment. Now confessed joke thief, Carlos Mencia, is getting another special on Comedy Central.

Mencia is returning to the small screen for the first time since his show, Mind of Mencia, was cancelled. That show was allowed to limp along for four seasons, until someone realized Mencia isn't that funny. His real name is Ned and he's a Honduran, who constantly rehashes jokes about Mexicans.

And when the premise runs thin with racial comedy, he resorts to stealing jokes. Video after video on Youtube shows Mencia stealing jokes from the likes of Sam Kinison and Bill Cosby.

Mencia even admitted to stealing jokes, comparing it to the same way hip-hop artists 'sample'. Which is stealing in my book too.

Mencia was infamously called out on his joke stealing, by UFC-announcer/comic Joe Rogan, during Rogan's show at The Comedy Store in LA. He was also parodied in a South Park episode, where he claimed credit for a joke he didn't write.

However, none of this stopped Comedy Central. His special Carlos Mencia: New Territory will air this Sunday on the network. But you really don't have to watch it, considering you've probably heard all those jokes before.