Dane Cook was right, the Price Is Right is medicinal. No matter how much I was hurling, Bob Barker made any sick day better. Maybe its the draw of a Best Buy name tag, or the promise of playing Plinko, the show has had a few surprising appearances. 

Back in the early 80s, Vanna White made an appearance on the show long before she started turning letters on Wheel of Fortune. And just a few years ago, Aaron Paul, was told to 'Come on down'.

Paul plays Pinkman, the drug selling sidekick on AMC's Breaking Bad. The show follows a former science teacher who after finding out he has terminal cancer and looking for money to leave his family, turns to cooking meth. Pinkman is his former student and partner.

Paul appeared on Jay Leno's show back in July, and I just now found this clip of him talking about his PIR experience. Aside from being jacked up on "10 cans of Red Bull", Paul wins a chance to come on stage where he gets stoked about "touching Bob Barker."

And who wouldn't get excited about that (except some former Barker beauties)?

If you had a chance to go on Price is Right, what would be your strategy? Maybe a giant CBS sticker?