For several years now there has been a huge lack of creativity in Hollywood. Or maybe I should say that the really creative movies never seem to hit it big...and that stinks.

The trend seems to be to remake an "older" movie or make a movie based on a TV show...or we get three or four movies in the same year with the same basic theme (vampires, zombies, aliens, super heroes, etc). Having said that, I'll openly admit that I'm a big 'ol fan of some of the things I just mentioned. I'll watch just about any movie about any super hero. As long as the movie is badass and full of action and cool effects, I don't really care about the story.

But when was the last time you saw a movie that was really original and different? From the trailers I've seen, Frankenstein's Army looks pretty creative...and that's saying something. How many Frankenstein movies have there been over the years? That's a character that has been done a lot. But this actually looks like a cool new vision for that legendary name. It also looks awesomely cheesy!

Just a quick setup before the trailer. This particular incarnation is set in WWII. A group of Russian soldiers stumble upon a cabin in the woods that turns out to be a Nazi lab in which experiments are being conducted using the research of Dr. Frankenstein. The Nazi's, realizing they are losing the war, are trying to create an unstoppable army of freaks. I'll let the trailer explain the rest.

I'm pretty good at recognizing faces and actors. I may not know all the names, but I could tell you what movies people have been in. That's not really the case here. The only fella I recognize is the guy playing the crazy German doctor. His name is Karel Roden. You might remember him as Rasputin in the first Hellboy movie. Other than that, it's a bunch of guys I've never seen. And I wouldn't expect to see this in any theaters, at least not around here.