The whole concept of a "secret identity"has always been a bit ridiculous...right? Superman's may be the worst. Really, you just put on some glasses and took the curl out of your hair and all of the sudden you look like a totally different person? Really?

I'll give Batman some credit though. His secret identity is, at least, a little least in the world of movies and make believe. In reality, anyone with a brain could figure these superheroes out. Not to mention the fact that technology doesn't allow anyone, especially celebrities, to have any privacy. You're telling me that the paparazzi couldn't stalk a superhero and get a glimpse of him/her making "the change". Come on...let's keep it real.

Well, this video shows us what might happen if Batman's cover got this case by his own doing. Favorite line from this video...when Batman says "That's bologna!" That's just funny.