40 years ago, when Nancy was diagnosed, there was “no way to test your blood sugar unless you took a trip to a hospital and then had a 5-6 hour wait for the result!” …her parents were given “condolences” by doctors!

20 years ago, Joe and Carol Fallen spent an entire week in the hospital being trained how to adequately care for their 4 year old daughter Laura who immediately would have to watch every little thing she ate to avoid losing her vision, vital organs, or life.

Today, because of the incredible advancements in understanding Type 1 Diabetes (i.e., Juvenile), my son’s diagnosis was much less dire than in years past. The single greatest reason why is because of the GENEROUS DONATIONS of others and TIRELESS EFFORTS of organizations like JDRF to find a cure for this disease that attacks vital organs and requires daily injections of insulin just to stay alive. King Golf is committed to making a difference in the game of golf on October 1st  at Cambridge Golf Club!

  • Phone number is 812.431.4310. Anyone can call Corey King or TEXT me if they are interested
  • Contact Corey via King Golf's Facebook page here!
  • Singles are welcome and can paired up with a team or model. We will have a few models who are playing and can get more!
  • Gift Certificates as prizes are great for any business wanting to promote what they do or services offered

It’s a very fun event and JDRF is awesome to families that are effected by Type 1 Diabetes like us when Nick was diagnosed in 2008!