Another week and another beautiful local girl gets to be featured as a 103GBF Hometown Honey.    Meet Lindsay.  As with all new Hometown Honeys I asked her to tell us a bit about herself.

" like to Spend time with my boyfriend, sing, model, have fun, eat, and sleep lol. And do some occational shopping!
I had a very low slef-esteme growing up, so I figured if I got into modeling and could be as pretty as the models on tv. By doing modeling I was about to find my own beauty by knowing I don't have to look like all those other models just to be beautiful. Everyone's beautiful in their own way!
When I was younger I always wanted to be a singer or a model for my career. But as i got older I realized that I could do those things and also be something else. I've delt with Social Workers all of my life, I feel that now its my turn to give back to the people that helped me and give the children who had a childhood like mine, one thats worth remembering and getting them into a better situation! "

A big heart and a pretty face!  Great combination!
Most pics by KB Photography!